Better Your Inner & Outer World


Do you strive to be better?

If not, well uh…that’s cool, I guess. Thanks for stopping by.

But for me, I want to better my life, the lives of others, our planet and all that they encompass. If you feel the same about any or all of that, I’ve got you covered.

Better Human focuses on 3 things:

Health & Wellness
Optimizing our minds and bodies so that we can live long and prosperous lives.

Personal Development
Discovering truths of our world so that we can fulfill our greatest potential and live more consciously.

Caring for our planet and all its inhabitants so that we and future generations can thrive.

It all starts with education and discovering the truth. We first have to be knowledgeable in the reality of our inner and outer worlds, then we’re able to make informed decisions on how we want to think, live and act. What do I mean by our “inner” and “outer” world? Great question, me! *High-fiving myself*

I define our inner world as anything related to our inner selves: mind, body, and all of the energetic and biological processes that happen within us. To improve our inner world, it’s important to know:

  • How our bodies work

  • How we can improve our health

  • What’s detrimental to our health

  • How our world systems (business, governments, technology, societies) are aligned or misaligned with improving our health

I define our outer world as anything related to the world we live in: our personal lives, cultures, societies, governments, business, commerce and the environment. To improve our outer world, it’s important to know:

  • How our world systems work

  • How we can improve our personal lives

  • How we can improve the lives of others

  • How our world systems are aligned or misaligned with improving world health and well-being

Through education, inspiration and empowerment, we can learn how to live our most prosperous lives, be the best versions of ourselves and ultimately improve the world around us. Both worlds need us to take care of them as best we can and to constantly push toward a heightened state of consciousness that’s in alignment with the greater qualities of human existence.

As we push, we gain more power to enact positive change. And this is the goal: using our personal and collective power to create positive change within ourselves and throughout the world.

So how do we have power? Here’s a list:

  • What we learn

  • What we think

  • What we create

  • What we buy

  • What we impart onto others

  • What we put into our bodies

  • Who we surround ourselves with

  • Who and how we love

  • How we live

  • How we treat ourselves and others

  • How we treat our planet and all its inhabitants

Now, if we distill this list into its foundational components, our most powerful assets to enact positive change would simply be our thoughts and our actions. Our actions are dictated by our thoughts, and our thoughts are dictated by what we know and learn. So with Better Human, I focus on the first step, Education/Knowledge, and then how we can take Action.

I hope this site helps raise your consciousness around many topics that are important for your personal health and well-being, as well as for the health of our world. Ingest all that resonates with you, then use your knowledge for the betterment of both of your worlds.

Let’s get it.