The Power of Your Money

one dollar bill eye and pyramid.png

You’ve got the power!

But I’ll bet you don’t realize the full extent of it.

Assuming you have discretionary income (which is a privilege many of us don’t realize often enough), you have a lot of power through your money. What you choose to do with it can literally change the world.

Sounds lofty, but money has always played a massive role in shaping our world. You’ve heard the expression, “Follow the money,” right?

Well, if we were to do exactly that, we’d discover that money has been - and continues to be - a fundamental element in the rise and fall of all empires, societies and cultures. It’s the driving force behind much innovation, progress and conversely…destruction.

We live and die by money, literally. The power it holds cannot be overstated.

As for societies, they will always head in the direction that yields more money. The world goes where money flows, and governments and corporations (two main pillars of any society) naturally fall in line with this reality. It seems clear that most decisions made by these entities, if not all, are focused solely on revenue and profit.

Seriously, it makes sense if we really think about it.

More money means more opportunity, power and expansion - it’s how capitalism works. Regardless of whether this is good or bad, it gives us an understanding of what’s most important in today’s world.

So how does this empower us?

Well, given that revenue and profit are foundational to every capitalist society, we all have the power to enact change through our purchasing power. We also possess power through donating our money to support causes, organizations and political candidates, but commerce is truly where we most often exhibit our power.

So as members of this system of commerce, we define what is most important to us, what direction we want to take for the future, how we want our governments and businesses to operate and treat us, which businesses fail or succeed and what types of products are produced for us.

Every time we purchase or use something we say:
“I support this product and company”

and these companies then say:
“Thanks for supporting us and/or our product, you’re awesome…and smart, like the smartest of the smart…and sexy. We’ll keep doing what we’re doing.”
(They say that about us, right?)

They might even say:
“We’ll expand upon what we’re doing and do more of it!”

We vote with our money every day through what we purchase, so if we buy from companies that aren’t accountable to the well-being of people and the planet, then we vote for the continuation of an unhealthy and irresponsible system. Conversely, if we’re conscious of what we buy and we support responsible and ethical companies, we vote for a better world.

Once we awaken to this realization, we can see how vast our power is.

And we’re given this power EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (insert hand clap emojis)

Small businesses, companies, banks and corporations all compete for our money. They need us in order to exist. Fortunately, we’re always given a choice of which companies we want to support (unless it’s a cable company…monopolistic assholes). We decide whether a company thrives or dies.

That’s a crazy amount of power.

Put simply, through choice we direct commerce. Commerce makes the world go ‘round, so in essence, our choices make the world go ‘round (so does love).

Our choices define and shape our world constantly. If we’re provided the privilege of discretionary income, then we’re given the choice to use our money for the betterment of our world. And remember, we own the power to make choices that define our world every. single. day. (insert hand clap emojis)

So let’s redefine it. Let’s consciously and ethically exercise our power to choose a better world, because we could use a new direction.