Consume Consciously


Consume Consciously

Below is a curated list of awesome companies that create and sell attractive, high quality, socially & environmentally responsible products. Many of these products are unique, but the ones that aren’t tend to be more expensive than their cheaply-made counterparts. The point is that they will last longer, help us create a better world and provide a great story behind your purchase. TLC comes at a cost yo!

I DO NOT get any commission nor any kind of recognition
from these companies. I simply want to see
ethical & sustainable businesses thrive.

This list will continuously grow.



Our oceans are filled with trash, and a major contributor is discarded fishing gear
(known as “ghost nets”). Diving teams all over the world recover as many ghost
nets as they can, then Bracenet turns this netting into badass bracelets for both
men and women.

  • Cleans our oceans

  • Saves marine animals’ lives

  • Recycles plastic netting

  • Small business

Home Goods

This NYC-based store was created by Lauren Singer who rose to zero-waste stardom
with her blog, Trash is for Tossers. All items have a simple, minimalist, killer design vibe
and cover all product categories.

  • Plastic-Free

  • Biodegradable / Compostable / Recyclable

  • Sustainable

  • Small business

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The fashion industry is dirty as hell: artificial dyes & materials, polluted waterways,
environmental destruction, unsafe factory working conditions and unfair wages.
Industry of all Nations is the complete opposite.

• Organic

• Responsibly sourced

• Natural dyes and materials

• Small scale & safe working conditions

• Fair wages

• Local artisans

• Small business

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Toilet Paper

Our planet and asses should be treated with respect. Toilet paper is usually made from virgin trees and uses a crap load of water, chemicals, plastic and energy in the production process. Who Gives a Crap cares about sustainability, humanity and our asses. They use bamboo or recycled paper, no plastic packaging and donate 50% of their profits to non-profit organizations working to improve access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries. Happy butts for all!

  • Saves virgin trees, water and energy

  • Plastic-free

  • Responsibly sourced

  • No inks, dyes or fragrances

  • Small business

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If you want to virtue signal the hell out of your coffee making routine, Bucket’s French Press, called The Portland Press, is the way to go. Two cool dudes from PDX created a beautiful and “responsibly made consumer product that costs less in the long run” and has a great story of where and how it was made.

  • Long lasting

  • Made entirely in Oregon

  • Materials are simply glass, wool, steel and wood

  • Mason jar is easily replaceable

  • Numerous small and/or family businesses